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PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE – Competitive mortgages & protection insurance

Are you fed up of NHS queues? Do you want access to a doctor 24/7? Are you looking for more cover and protection for your health needs?

We offer a range of personalised private medical insurance to suit all needs and all budgets including;

In-patient and day-patient treatment
Hospital fees
Consultant’s fees
Diagnostic tests and scans (MRI, CT,PET)
NHS Hospital Cash Benefit
Out-patient treatment
Surgical procedures
Advanced Cancer Cover
Comprehensive treatment and support following diagnosis, including biological therapies
Private GP consultations – access to video consultations and 24 hour telephone access through medical helpline
Money towards private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests
Sessions per plan year of cognitive behavioural support or counselling
Home nursing following an admission to hospital
Private ambulance costs
Specific weight loss, corrective and oral surgeries
Accommodation charges for the parent of an insured child patient
Specific pregnancy complications
Childbirth cash benefit
Rehabilitation treatment

Frail care, funeral cover and advanced dementia care.