Group private medical insurance

Protecting the health and wellbeing of your staff

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

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PMI one of the most valued employee benefits..

Group private medical insurance is increasingly seen as one of the most highly valued corporate benefits, according to new data on the wider workplace healthcare market.

On average, 6.3 working days per employee will be lost due to illness every year. So, it’s definitely in every employer’s best interest to minimise the impact absences can have on business as usual. One of the best ways to reduce time off due to sickness or injury is to have company health insurance.

Sometimes known as business medical insurance, company health insurance is essentially the provision of medical cover for staff, should they need private medical care. This type of insurance is conducive to a healthy, happy workforce because staff are much more likely to return to work quickly following illness or injury having received efficient and effective medical care.


The benefits of PMI


• Employer-paid PMI is a benefit in kind, so employees pay tax and national insurance on premiums. It is regarded as an allowable business expense, so employers can get corporation tax relief on their premiums.

• PMI gives employees access to private healthcare treatment, which, in turn, helps employers to manage their health risk profile and reduce employee absence.

• one in five employees report that their employer does nothing to improve employee health and wellbeing which, in turn, lowers workplace morale and can have a very negative impact on office culture.

• Having a group PMI in place can attract high calibre staff and help retain staff, especially those with previous illnesses, as a group PMI policy generally covers previous medical conditions, unlike personal private medical insurance.

Having a policy in place can give employees a sense of being valued and in turn improve morale and productivity along with staff loyalty. It can assist with mental wellbeing and provide peace of mind to employees and employers.

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